Professional Experience

After my studies at ETH Zürich, I have started my professional carrier at my alma mater, where I was lecturer for s short time. Afterwards worked for more than ten years as project coordinator at one of the leading Swiss company called Migros Genossenschaftsbund in Zürich. Later worked as advisor to UNCTAD/GATT in Geneva. Since 1980 onwards, I have worked for various Swiss Newpapers as Journalist BR and enjoy the working with  Radio, Swiss TV etc.  During this period, I was consultant/economic advisor for verious companies about their engagement in Indian subcontinent. During last years I delivered large number of lectures on various subjects in various institutions in Switzerland and teaching Hindi, the national language of India in Zurich. My above mentioned activities and works bring me every day satisfaction in combining east with west. Now a days, I also enjoy as a trainer for "laughter yoga" in Switzerland and other countries. 

India's growing economic power creates ever more interest in this country and consequently brings me to India very ofen, putting my expertise to work in various fields, specially in cultural diversity.